Duratorq 3.2L Camshaft seizure due to excessive sealant

Author: ETP Engine Parts   Date Posted:6 December 2019 

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Use of excessive sealant causes camshaft seizure on Duratorq 3.2l

After the purchase of a Duratorq 3.2L reconditioned cylinder head to suit a 2012 Ford Ranger, the vehicle was taken for a road test. During the road test, a noise was heard coming from the cylinder head. 

Upon removal of the valve cover and camshaft cradle, it was evident that the camshaft was grabbing on the front camshaft journals. Removal of the cylinder head is then required to investigate the problem, after which it is sent for inspection. 

During dismantling, it was found that the front cap oil supply gallery had been severely blocked by excessive use of sealant on the front cam cap. This blockage caused low oil flow to the front of the camshaft thus causing the journal to grab. 

When fitting a replacement cylinder head, the workshop manual indicates that only a 2.5mm diameter bead of sealant be applied to the outer edge of the cylinder head and the camshaft cradle. There is none required in between the front cam bearing, as per the manual. The same is true of the 2.2L Duratorq engines. 

In this scenario, the excess use of sealant blocked an oil gallery causing the problem. It's also been reported in other cases that the sealant can block coolant passages or can even end up in the sump, blocking the oil pump pickups. 

Whilst the idea of 'apply liberally' and 'more is better than less' isn't always the case when it comes to sealant on a motor. Excessive sealant in any motor can cause serious damage and in this case, it can cause severe camshaft damage on the Duratorq engines. Always read the workshop manual before applying sealant. 

And of course, once you've read that manual and you need your replacement Duratorq head, come and talk to us at ETP Online. 


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