Warranty Terms and Conditions

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  • ONLY NEW PARTS come with any warranty. Used or Second Hand parts are NOT. This warranty is for the original purchaser and is not transferable. 
  • All Used Parts are sold suitable for reconditioning.
  • Reconditioned Engines are warranted as per the documentation provided by the manufacturer that is supplied with the Engine. Any claims are to be made directly with the manufacturer. ETP Engine Parts offers no additional warranty to the one supplied by the manufacturer. 
  • To Validate our warranty you must comply with every installation procedure and the Warranty Terms and Conditions. 
  • If you’re not prepared to comply with any of the installation procedures and the warranty terms and conditions - DO NOT USE OUR PRODUCTS!
  • ETP Engine Parts Pty Ltd have supplied the product/s from our interpretation of the information the you the customer provided. However, it is the customers responsibility to compare the supplied components to the original part/s they are replacing to ensure compatibility and the required quality is correct. 

Return your purchased items to the point of sale and a refund can be arranged (Conditions Apply) - Contact our sales team for details. 

Please note: for warranty information on international orders please refer to the International Purchases sections at the bottom of the page. 

Warranty Terms and Conditions

Any Problems - Call Us First for Assistance

We are here to help!

Our team has many years of experience in the automotive industry, they are here to help you with any issue with parts purchased from ETP Engine Parts. Calling us for assistance will save you any unnecessary time or expense with may not be covered under the terms of our warranty.

Please call us on business hours (7:30am to 5pm weekdays) on 03 9357 0854.


About This Warranty

The words ‘our’, ‘we’ and ‘the company’ in this document refer to ETP Engine Parts Pty Ltd. All our goods are supplied with guarantees which cannot be excluded under the Australian Consumer Law. You are entitled to replacement or refund for a major failure and compensation for any other reasonably foreseeable loss or damage. You are also entitled to have the goods repaired or replaced if the goods fail to be of acceptable quality and the failure does not amount to a major failure. Please note that the above clause only applies where you make a valid claim pursuant to the Australian Consumer Law. Without limiting the effect of the Australian Consumer Laws, ETP Engine Parts Pty Ltd may take into consideration the following non-exhaustive list of factors in assessing the validity of any claim made under the Australia Consumer Law, particularly where: 

[i] There is in fact any fault of defect; 

[ii] You change your mind; 

[iii] ETP Engine Parts Pty Ltd bought to your attention any hidden defect before purchasing the part; 

[iv] You examined the part before purchasing and/or fitment and should have noticed the fault; 

[v] You used the goods in a manner which caused the goods to become unacceptable, damaged or to fail; 

[vi] You took reasonable steps to avoid the quality becoming unacceptable, damaged or to fail; 

[vii] It was reasonable for you to have relied on our skill or judgement when buying the goods; or 

[viii] Something occurred which was beyond human control and that occurred after the part was supplied. In the event that the ETP Engine Parts Pty Ltd finds that any of the above have occurred, ETP Engine Parts Pty Ltd may investigate, oppose or defend that claim under Australia Consumer Laws. 

Correct Product Fitment and Installation Procedures

[i] You must fully comply with any fitting requirements provided with your purchase.

[ii] If no fitting requirements have been provided, you must use your best endeavors to ensure that the parts are fitted with reasonable due care and diligence by a suitably qualified person and in accordance with the OE Manufactures instructions. 

Warranty Excludes - This warranty does NOT apply to:

[i[ Any part which has not been serviced in accordance with reasonable requirements and/or the manufacturer’s recommendation. 

[ii] Any product which has been damaged due to the fault of any other product component. 

[iii] Any product which has not been fitted in accordance with the listed Fitting Requirements. 

[iv] Damage to the product from a failure of the owner to properly repair the product or any other product component which effects the product. 

[v] Damage to the product due to airborne contamination (or ‘dusting’) entering the air intake system. 

[vi] Damage to the product caused by operations a contradiction to the instrumentation/gauge warning devices (high water temperature and low oil pressure, etc.) and includes a ‘dry-start’ condition. 

[vii] Damage to the part associated to the incorrect timing or caused by faulty ancillary components. 

[viii] A part which is incorporated in a product which hand been fitted with an aftermarket turbocharger or supercharging system, or has been modified in any way to obtain additional horsepower/torque. 

[ix]  Transportation/freight damage: where ETP Engine Parts Pty Ltd has organized the freight and also included the freight charge on the sales invoice, you have enjoyed the benefits of cheaper freight rate due to our established bulk freight rate. However, ETP Engine Parts Pty Ltd are not the carrier and therefore, will not be held responsible for any damage or loss incurred in the transportation process. All claims are to be taken directly with the Freight forwarder concerned. ETP Engine Parts Pty Ltd cannot guarantee that their decision will be in your favour. 

[x] Products installed into marine and industrial engines which have not been run-in on a dynamometer. 

[xi] Failure from incorrect machining and incorrect cleaning of the head or block surface. This includes incorrect rake on the cutter (or other settings) and the use of a flap disc (or similar products) used on the block or head surface. This includes the cleaning of the block surface with abrasives - include sand paper or flaps wheels. If the block need machining you need to deck it correctly. Regarding cleaning -  we recommend scrapping and the cleaning away of any contamination. 

[xiii] Any product incorporated into an engine which is found to have been over-sped/over revved, over loaded/lugged, or not serviced in accordance with the manufacturer’s service intervals. [xii] Freight charges, travelling time for mechanics, fault find or diagnosis time, towing, demurrage, downtime and charges for hire vehicles are not covered under ETP’ Engine parts Pty Ltd’s warranty and such charges will not be reimbursed, regardless of the circumstances. 

[xiv] Labour charges exceeding the established rate of $70 per hour, or specified by the VACC/MTA recommended hourly rate, and job times in excess of job time frames established by the VACC. 

[xv] Unauthorised repairs, alterations or dismantling of any description. 

[xvi Wear and tear from normal operation. ] 

[xvii] Second hand/used parts. The warranty only covers new parts/unused parts. 

Warranty Period

There is no warranty at all on used/second hand parts. 

As specified warranty period for new parts can be stipulated on the Tax Invoice. Where there is no Warranty Period on the Tax Invoice, The Warranty Period is either twelve (12) months from purchase date on the invoice or 50,000km after PURCHASE part is installed. Where applicable, this warranty covers your purchase and/or labour against defective materials and/or workmanship during the Warranty period on the basis that all of the Fitting Requirements and the OEM fitment procedure are met on installation and vehicle use.


All claims will require detailed invoices/receipts proving that all our conditions were met at the time of the product installation. Failure to produce this evidence upon filling the Warranty Claim Form will void warranty entitlement. The completed Warranty Claim Form will be required thirty (30) days from alerting ETP Engine Parts Pty Ltd of the issue.

Warranty Benefits


ETP Engine Parts Pty Ltd will supply free of charge all components required to rectify any authorised claims and also reserves the right to supply used components in certain circumstances. 


Labour rates and repair times have been set by ETP Engine Parts Pty Ltd at $70 per hour, or based on the VACC/MTA Standard Time information, to accommodate repairs undertaken outside of our workshop. Any ‘out of workshop repair’ which exceeds $70 per hour or the VACC hourly rates and times will not be reimbursed, regardless of circumstances. 

Reimbursement of cost to Purchaser: 

If the part has been inspected by ETP Engine Parts Pty Ltd and has been deemed warrantable by us, ETP Engine Parts Pty Ltd may in its absolute discretion reimburse reasonable charges for outside preliminary inspections, the product’s removal and it’s return cost. 

Exclusion of warranty benefits:

ETP Engine Parts Pty Ltd will not recognise or be held responsible for time spent fault finding and/or diagnosis, towing charges, travelling time, demurrage OR down time, loss of profits, consequential damage or loss. ETP Engine Parts Pty Ltd cannot be held responsible for any implied or verbal representations outside the invoice description of the goods sold and warranted. ETP Engine Parts Pty Ltd will not recognise a claim where the failure or defect is cause by: [i] The non compliance of compulsory fitting requirements, or [ii] The conditions as outlined under our warranty exclusions.

If you’re not prepared to comply with any of the installation procedures and the warranty terms and conditions - DO NOT USE OUR PRODUCTS!

Return your purchased items to the point of sale before fitment or buildup and   a refund can be arranged (Conditions Apply) - Contact our sales team for details.

Returns will not be accepted after fourteen (14) days from invoice date. A 15% handling charge will be applied to all returned items. 

Making A Claim

Customer’s responsibilities and entitlements:

[i] In the unlikely event any preliminary signs of malfunction within the Warranty Period, the purchaser/operator must:

  1. A) cease operation of the product immediately;
  2. B) and notify ETP Engine Parts Pty Ltd by phone on (03) 9357 0854 (between 7:30am to 5pm weekdays - AEST).

Failure to comply with this condition could result in more serious consequential damage to the product and will void any warranty entitlement. 

[ii] The purchaser/operator must send ETP Engine Parts Pty Ltd a completed Warranty Claim Form. . To get a Warranty Claim Form please contact ETP Engine Parts Pty Ltd on (03) 9357 0854 (between 7:30am to 5pm weekdays - AEST). A form will be posted/emailed to you and reference number provided. 

[iii] ETP Engine Parts Pty Ltd will require the product to be returned for inspection at your cost with the completed  Warranty Claim Form. The completed claim form along with the supplied parts must be return with in 28days of the incident. Claims forms recieved after this time will be rejectyed.  Please ask ETP Engine Parts Pty Ltd for clarification on what will be need to be returned for inspection. Our address is 72 Killara Road, Campbellfield, Victoria 3061. 

[iv] Liability under Warranty Claim will not be accepted by ETP Engine Parts Pty Ltd until the product has been inspected by our Warranty Inspection Team and deemed warrantable. 

[v] If ETP Engine Parts Pty Ltd does not accept liability for the Warranty Claim, we may in its absolute discretion recover any reasonable out-of-pocket expenses incurred in relation to the Warranty Claim, including but limited to the towing, freight, dismantling, laboratory cost and inspection process, such costs to be reimbursed by the customer prior to deliver of the unit and only cleared funds will be accepted as payment. 

[vi] If ETP Engine Parts Pty Ltd accepts liability under the Warranty Claim, we will (if possible) within a reasonable time propose alternative repair measures to the purchaser. The Purchaser must accept one of the repair measures proposed by ETP Engine Parts Pty Ltd within a reasonable time. 

[vii] If the purchaser proposes an alternative repair measure which is not endorsed by ETP Engine Parts Pty Ltd, we may at our absolute discretion undertake repair work in accordance with the purchaser’s proposed repair measures. 

[viii] The Purchaser must not engage any third party repairers to undertake warranty repair work without written authorisation from ETP Engine Parts Pty Ltd to the commence repairs which may include labour charges fixed at standard factory amount and at an hourly rate stipulated by our Warranty Team. 

[ix] If ETP Engine Parts Pty Ltd instructs or give authorisation for a warrantable repair to be undertaken by a third party repairer, ETP Engine Parts Pty Ltd does not provide any warranty for such work undertaken by the third party repairer. 

[x] If there is a dispute arising in relation to liability or the quantum of the Warranty Claim, a mutually acceptable third party expert opinion may be obtained at the purchaser’s expense. The third party Engineer must be from the MVRIA or the Office of Fair Trading or be a recognised Automotive Consultant with membership of the SAE and IAME. 

[xi] Any Opinion expressed or determination made by the third party expert shall not bind ETP Engine Parts Pty Ltd or the purchaser. 

[xii] If ETP Engine Parts Pty Ltd declines the Warranty Claim, but if used as the repairer, the purchaser must sign a  release form prior to the commencement of the repair. Cleared funds will only be accepted as payment.  

Help Line and Warranty Claims - (03) 9357 0854



International Purchases

International Purchases are identified by order that are delivered to areas outside of Australian territory.

All international purchases carry a 12 month replacement warranty of the parts purchased from ETP only. The 12 month period is from the date of purchase. The warranty covers a failure due to a manufacturing issue of the parts purchased from ETP. If the purchaser believes the part has failed due to a manufacturing issue, they will need to freight all parts supplied by ETP back to our Melbourne factory for inspection. If the inspection deems (without uncertainty) the parts failed due to a manufacturing issue, the return freight cost will be paid to the buyer and replacement parts will be sent. If the inspection deems the parts did not fail due to a manufacturing defect it is up to the buyer to decided if they want to retain the failed parts or have ETP scrap them. They will have 7 days to decided from the time ETP reports the findings.

ETP does not cover returned cost for incorrectly order parts. This includes fitment information differences in the buyers country to Australia.

ETP does not cover lost freight items or damaged in transit items - It is up to the buyer to have shipping insurance on the item/s if they want coverage.

At time of shipment ETP will supply the buyer with freight tracking information so they can track the progress of the item. The buyer will have the ability to contact the freight company using this tracking number.